Limber Gym at 'Testbed'


Bruce Mclean came to the Limber Gym show I put on in Coventry and suggested that I should try a one-night stand for Limber Gym at the 'Testbed' site in Battersea. Here is Bruce selling me the idea at the site.


'Testbed' was a project initiated by Will Alsop and Kevin Cassandra at a space, associated with their architectural practice, with the intention of developing the site along similar lines to the Riverside studios in Hammersmith as a venue for dance and performance works.

The space had a special appeal because of a total lack of a contrived aesthetic: an emptiness that reflected how I was thinking about Limber Gym. 'Testbed' was an appropriate site for self-improvement and for a work attempting to explore ideas of simultaneity using a number of disparate elements. This one-night stand
[the moment passes] also contributed a relevant factor to the experience of the work.

The empty shop that I regularly see converted into a gym seems to reflect the lack of attachment of desperate individuals: simultaneously 'working out' in their personal self-conscious worlds: as a part of the human consciousness that dictates that everything is open to improvement, (absurdly and possibly inadvertently), to the point of destruction. This element creates the manifold for me and 'MUST HAVE DEFINITION' is the call sign.