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George Beylerian, Vice President and Creative Director of ‘Steelcase Design Partnership’ was a patron who had bought works of mine from the Redfern Gallery and had become a friend. He suggested that I might like to make an exhibition for his offices in Columbia Circle, New York.

I thought of it as an opportunity to make a ‘flat pack’ sculptural show as an ironic comment on the nature of certain works of art at the time and at the same time celebrate the design and materials world that George had championed in America.

In the event the exhibition had to be called off due to the demise in 2016 of George who was a great character to be with.

At the time, I had only made a maquette of the space and a number of other maquettes for works that were never realised and which coincided with my two ‘Limber Gym’ shows at Johnnies Hardware store in Deptford that had a very different object in mind.