Redfern 1970


This exhibition came about as a direct result of the Studio Shows Event. William Pye the sculptor, who exhibited at the Redfern Gallery, saw my installation at West Hill and recommended that the Directors come and see my work. John Synge came to the studio and was impressed enough by the work to encourage Harry Tatlock-Miller to see the work for himself. They offered me an exhibition to commence 3 weeks later. This meant that there was no time to make new work and so the work was shown in a very different context, as individual objects with no real relationship to the space. The walls of the Redfern were covered with hessian fabric which was very popular as a wall covering in the 1960s. The effect of the darker walls was to identify the ‘object value’ of the paintings that I had attempted to reduce at the studio. I thought that the paintings might look too ephemeral in this situation but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had a substantial quality that I had not anticipated.





                'Time as a swing' 68" x 112" acrylic 1969

                (private collection)









Left:          'Time transfixed' 68 x 84 acrylic 1969

                 (collection of Dr. Hellen Jessup)

Centre:      'Plateau and Plain' 68" x 68" acrylic 1969

Right:        'Time as a swing' 68" x 112" acrylic 1969

                 (private collection)







Redfern Exhibition with the artist 1970


Left:          'Mirage' 68"x 88" acrylic 1969

Centre:      'Time tranfixed' 68" x 88" acrylic 1969

Right:        'Plateau and Plain' 68" x 68" acrylic 1969