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This installation was part of the Deptford X fringe exhibition for 2016. The installation concentrated on the idea of the ellipsis as a symbol for what is missing. In this case, what is missing is definition, all those meanings and explanations that we desperately need to complete our improvement in the world. It also occurred to me that the shop was an ellipsis equivalent symbol for all those things that that had to be done and were not there, all those prospective customers and their anticipated practical problems just as each individual tool or other item on the shelves represented all those things that were undone and still to be done. My main interest is in painting and what I love about it is the fact that whatever a person is seeing or imagining when looking at a painting is not there. This show is an attempt at exploring that idea in the physical world of a hardware shop. I would like to thank Neville and everybody else associated with the shop for their help and patience.



Shadow the extraordinary,



this double bind



lost in the shuffle.






It is a problem of image



and appropriated fragments,






   this capricious manifestation



in a small town setting.





On a parallel path,




     a most radical





and resurgent influence





is not for the first time






a deconstruction of an image.




It is what is to be expected






in a state of mind




as seen in depth.






This method of appropriation




this playfullness and pleasure,






this wrong way of thinking,



has wide circulation,






straddles the divide



 Acutely concious,






the standard bearer




for the non-verbal grope






creates a compound predicament.



 A cue






to block the private sphere




now rendered obsolete.






In this existentialist hangout




with all the impossible answers






and the fear of nothing,


            apart from


  painterly carelessness.







                   a hint of conviction



mixed feelings


 and a need



for creative room.






This preamble





a basic inclination



                     to find a niche








Now the attentive have spoken



                    and dictated parameters,




virtually inclined towards




an impersonal rendition.






But capture the imagination,





a decisive change.





the blocked horizon.





This touchstone


 leans towards


  a tableau,



 now put into action,




a delicacy of fracture,







a dark revolution






an overrated silence.