Identity Crisis



The images in this current selection date from approximately 1980 to 2010. The images originate from my experience of the woman in Green Park, who barred my way and who had cross hatched her face with a green felt tipped pen which I have mentioned elsewhere on this site. Allied to that experience is the thoughts I have concerning  the development of the digital world and its powerful effect in coercing individuals to identify themselves through fashion and body image by the way they dress, display their bodies, tattoo themselves, grow long beards and pierce various parts of the bodies.There is no particular coherence in these works but they reflect an important background to, perhaps, more significant works in the various exhibitions I have had. Like most young people I was affected by fashion, I had a tattoo done when I was 16, out of curiosity, when a friend of mine had several done but I had no inclination to display it or to have any more done. Not from any moral or any other reason other than I was bored with the idea of wondering who I was in that particular way.