Painted Constructions 1965 - 1966                                                                           



These painted constructions were largely influenced by my meeting the American artist Al Shepp when we were both teaching in London in the early 1960s after he had completed a Fulbright scholarship in Italy.  It was not simply the kind of imagery or the form and structures that Al was creating at the time, rather, it was the ambition that he showed in the creation of these works that taught me an important lesson.

Similarly I was very interested in the work of John Hoyland with his dynamic abstract ‘colour field’ paintings. Of course I had no idea of what was involved in Johns’ method or indeed his own, personal, criticism of his work having been educated at an Art School steeped in the fag end of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement.

The effect of this education meant that I found it very difficult to remove the figurative and narrative elements from my work whilst at the same time attempting to allow a spontaneous and intuitive process to take over and develop a work. Hence it it is probably very difficult for the viewer of these works to spot how John Hoyland was so influential in the way I was beginning to think about my work and the artist that I had hoped to be at that time






January 1966

'Untitled'   acrylic on cotton duck construction.







June 1966






July 1966

'Untitled'   acrylic on cotton duck construction.






October  1966

'Untitled'   acrylic on cotton duck construction.







November 1966

'Untitled'   acrylic on cotton duck construction.







December 1966

'Untitled'   acrylic on cotton duck construction.