Redfern 1990   additional information                               






This Redfern show came about when I was in the midst of responding to an invitation from George Beylerian to create an exhibition for a large space at Steelcase Design Partnership in New York. George was interested in an architectonic type of show to complement the work of the Steelcase Design Partnership. I had made some preliminary macquettes for possible works when the Redfern pressurised me into a committing myself, in the short term, to an exhibition with them. They suggested that we should make bronzes of some of the macquettes for this exhibition, the casting of which they funded. Although I was not happy with the idea I went along with it thinking that I was helping them out in some way.

The show coincided with the precise moment when there was a wholesale worldwide financial collapse: the result of this crisis put paid to me attempting the New York show.

The following images are of some of the macquettes starting with an an image of my model of proposed space at Steelcase Design Partnership.